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Communicate Your Roadmaps- Dynamic Stakeholder Reports Overview

Dragonboat enables automated multi-format, multi-level portfolio reporting. You may filter the appropriate data, design layout, select the right level of details, and share the report with various stakeholders. Additionally you can post on Confluence/ internal website, or send the link in email or Slack channels. 

This article covers:

  1. Summary report - Slide like experience 
  2. Idea progress report - Table like experience 
  3. Snapshot report - from high level rollup, to drill down to details
  4. Timeline report - gantt chart experience


1- Dashboard Summary - Dynamic Slide Deck for Stakeholders

Build columns and Rows dynamically, and group in cell data with another dimension. 


  • For customer facing team - create a Summary report with Product Area as Columns, Quarter as Rows, and include Customer name in the report
  • For business leaders, board, or exec team - create a report with Objective, Product Area. 



2- Idea Progress Report 

A spreadsheet like format, easily configurable to share or embed. 



3- Dynamic Snapshot - from Portfolio to Initiative down to stories and tasks

By Objective, Time Frame (e.g. Quarter), Product roadmap, Theme, Category, etc.  

Progress drill down from Snapshot overview to Initiatives to Stories. 



4- Timeline Report

Group in any dimension and choose to display on Idea, or initiative, or the portfolio tree view 







Want to adapt and achieve the best outcome with existing or accessible resources? Use Dragonboat Portfolio Management Module for Advanced Responsive Portfolio Management.  




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