Responsive Prioritization using MoAR (Metric over Available Resources)

Built upon the Responsive PPM, Dragonboat enables dynamic prioritization using MoAR (Metric over Available Resources). MoAR connects 3 factors: strategic drivers such as Objectives or Themes, Benefit, and resourcing needs.  For more information and examples of MoAR prioritization, please see Forget ROI, Use MoAR for Product Portfolio Metrics blog.

How to calculate Planned MoAR

Planned MoAR is calculated by dividing Benefit (towards a metric) by the resources available towards this Benefit (measured by Planned Scope), using the following formula:

Planned MoAR = Benefit / Planned Scope (# of weeks)

Benefit may be calculated as a relative value, or an absolute value. 

To use a relative method, map your Portfolio Item to the respective Objective. Then, assign a Benefit score to the portfolio item to quantify its potential contribution to the associated objective. The Benefit score is a relative value, typically ranging from 0 to 100, representing the perceived impact or value the item may have on achieving the objective independently. This score is subjective and can be determined through discussions, analysis, or expert judgment.

To use an absolute method, apply a business benefit, such as recurring revenue.

Planned Scope looks at the amount of estimates, assignments, effort and target dates for the Portfolio Items that are relevant to the estimation of resources for your Portfolio Items. See calculation details here.

Planned MoAR is automatically calculated for Portfolio Items that have Benefit and Planned Scope values.

How To Use Planned MoAR in Dragonboat

Planned MoAR allows you to quantitatively stack rank ideas based on their benefits towards the same objective. You may enter the values to calculate the Planned MoAR in the Portfolio item edit screen.

You may view MoAR in the following places:

  1. In Portfolio Item edit screen (aka pop up, Lightbox) - select the ruler icon.
  2. In Portfolio Roadmaps > List page, from the "..." menu, select Show Fields and click to turn on Planned MoAR and use this value to prioritise your portfolio.
  3. In Portfolio Roadmaps > Gantt view, from the "Display Preferences" menu, add “Planned MoAR” to Display Columns, and use this value to prioritise your portfolio.


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