MoAR - Metric over Available Resources - for responsive prioritization

Built upon the Responsive PPM, Dragonboat enables dynamic prioritization using MoAR (Metric over Available Resources)
MoAR connects 3 factors: strategic driver (usually maps to objective or theme), benefit, and resourcing need.
To calculate MoAR
  1. Map your Idea to the respective Objective. (Check out "Use OKR to build roadmaps")
  2. Metric is based on the Benefit Score - assigned it based on how much this idea will contribute to the linked objective. We recommend a relative score, e.g. 0 - 100. The score represents how much this idea may contribute to the associated objective independently. 
  3. Available Resources is based on Effort - aka T shirt size. It will also become the top down to compare with the Bottom up / sum of total stories/ tasks. (view plan vs actual tracking)


Future implementation - dynamically calculated Resources based on the following

    1. The most recent resourcing data (that is assignment is more recent than estimate than effort) is applied in the formula
    2. Staffing cost is applied if available. Otherwise, a factor of 1 is applied. 
Staffing cost Assignment Estimate Effort Resourcing Score *
y y y y Sum of (Staffing cost * Assignments)
y - y y Sum of (Staffing cost * Estimates)
y - - y Sum of (Staffing cost * Effort)
MoAR allows you to quantitatively stack rank ideas based on their benefits towards the same objective. 
-- To do so, Go to Idea/ List, add Benefit and Sum (the total amount of estimate) to your view if they are not already there. Group ideas by Objectives. 
Enter Benefit score.
Stack rank them based on both the benefit and cost (sum) - this is the 1st part of MoAR
-- on the Forecast page, you may add benefit score to your view using the Display preference
when the resource conflict happens, you may see the benefit score and use it to help guide your timing decision.  
-- if you track cost (very high level), you may add Team cost, and see MoAR as a % on the edit screen. 


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